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JSC Connect Event Registration

The Houston Technology Center and the Gulf Coast Regional Center of Innovation and Commercialization, in partnership with the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC), hosted a series of 5 JSC Connect events in 2014. Each event focused on a technology area of strategic interest to NASA’s human spaceflight program, which may also have considerable potential for non-aerospace applications.

Planning is underway for the next JSC Connect event on Air Quality & Purification technologies, tentatively scheduled for Q1 2015.

The purpose of the JSC Connect events is to identify potential partnerships for joint dual-use development collaborations or potential commercialization of JSC’s technologies. Attendees should be representatives of those organizations with an active interest in the technology area and in potentially partnering with the JSC or other industry or research institution organizations. In addition to presentations by JSC project teams, attendees will also have an opportunity to give a brief presentation on their activities and/or interests in the technology.

Because of the nature of these events, attendance will be limited and invitations will be extended only to organizations with an interest in the technology area and potentially having a partnership with the JSC or other attendees.

Individuals interested in attending JSC Connect events must complete this registration form (* indicates required items):

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Air Quality & Purification - TBA - Q1 2015
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      other partners in this technology area

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For questions or assistance on the JSC Connect Events, please contact:

     Bob Prochnow, Director of the Gulf Coast RCIC



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