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Gulf Coast region TETF awardees
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To Apply for an Award:

3: Complete Application Documents



Application Process

Each RCIC is an independent, private entity and has defined their own process for reviewing applications and making selections for submission to the TETF, as per the terms of the RCIC's contract with the State.

The RCIC is accepting applications continuously, with the RCIC's Review Committee and Board determining which applications will be forwarded to the State for consideration by the TETF Advisory Committee at their next scheduled quarterly meeting.

For the Gulf Coast RCIC, the Commercialization Award Application Process consists of these stages:

Pre-Application Planning Stage

During this first stage, applicants will:

  • come to this website to get information on the TETF, Commercialization Awards, and the Gulf Coast RCIC.

  • download the Application documents to help identify what information will be required (see Downloads page).

  • submit an Applicant Registration (see column on left).

  • while not required, all applicants are strongly recommended to participate in the RCIC's program for helping applicants prepare high quality applications.  This program is held once per quarter: 

    • attend a TETF Workshop, which provides an overview of the program, eligibility criteria and application process.

    • attend an Application Planning Meeting with Gulf Coast RCIC staff, which will be scheduled by the Gulf Coast RCIC after Applicant Registration.  All Applicants are strongly recommended to attend an Application Planning Meeting before submitting their application.

    • attend an Application Workshop, which provides detailed instructions on completing the TETF Application Form.

Application Submission Stage

During this second stage, applicants will:

  • download the Gulf Coast RCIC Applicant Agreement, and review the terms and conditions.

  • sign and e-mail the Applicant Agreement to the Gulf Coast RCIC.  The Gulf Coast RCIC will not accept applications for processing until the Applicant Agreement has been received.

  • complete and submit the Applicant Registration form.

  • gather the required information and fill out the Application Form.

  • pay the non-refundable Application Fee ($250 for new applications) through the Houston Technology Center website.

  • begin the background and credit checks required by law for TETF applicants (refer to instructions on the application documents download page).  It is strongly recommended these background checks be started no later than submission of the application to the RCIC - because these checks may take 60 days (or longer), failure to have these checks completed before the application is presented to the Advisory Committee could result in a significant delay or possible disqualification in being considered for an award.

  • go to the Submit Application page on this web site, follow the instructions to provide the information and documents needed by the Gulf Coast RCIC for processing of the application.

The calendar page on this website has the dates for upcoming scheduled meetings of the RCIC's Review Committee and Board.

Gulf Coast RCIC Review & Selection Stage

During the third stage, the Gulf Coast RCIC processes submitted applications, and hold a series of reviews before submitting their selections to the TETF Advisory Committee.  Upon request by the Gulf Coast RCIC, Applicants will be invited to make presentations on their company and technology to the RCIC's Review Committee and Board.

Applications are processed in four steps by the RCIC:

  • Pre-Screening Review

    • Submitted applications undergo a quick review by a Pre-Screening Committee selected from the RCIC staff and/or the RCIC Board.

    • During this review, a quick assessment will be made of how well the submitted application documents the applicant's ability to meet all of the program's eligibility criteria.

    • Applications that meet the eligibility criteria will be accepted for processing by the RCIC.  Upon acceptance of the application, the application fee will become non-refundable.  The applicant will be requested to help with a conflict-of-interest screening of the volunteers who will be participating in the review of the application.

    • Applications that do not meet the eligibility criteria will not be accepted for review.  The RCIC will issue a refund of the application fee to the applicant.  The applicant will be advised on the areas where additional work will be needed to meet the eligibility criteria.

  • Review Committee Meeting

    • Invited applicants will make a presentation and participate in a Question & Answer session on their application.  Applicants are required to have up to 4 members of their management team present to participate in the Q&A.

    • The committee will determine if an invitation will be extended to the applicant to make a presentation to the RCIC's Board.  A specific date & time will be provided for the Board presentation.  Applicants will have an opportunity to incorporate feedback from the Review Committee and make improvements to their application documents and presentation prior to the Board review.

    • For applicants not invited to make a presentation, arrangements will be made to provide feedback from the Review Committee.

  • Board Meeting

    • Invited applicants will make a presentation and participate in a Question & Answer session on their application.  Applicants are required to have up to 4 members of their management team present to participate in the Q&A.  The applicant's Research Institution partner(s) may also be invited to participate in the Board meeting.

    • The Board will determine if the application will be recommended for submission to the State. 

    • Selected applicants will have an opportunity to incorporate feedback from the Board and make improvements to their application documents and presentation, and will also be requested to complete the first phase of the State's due diligence review, prior to submission of their application to the State.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to take advantage of advice from the RCIC staff in helping to prepare their application documents and presentation for State review.

    • For applicants not selected by the Board, arrangements will be made to provide feedback from the RCIC.

TETF Advisory Committee Review & Selection Stage

Once applications are submitted from the Gulf Coast RCIC to the State, control of the process passes to the TETF Advisory Committee, the Governor's office, and the state's Leadership.  Selected applicants will be informed by either the Governor's office or the RCIC on the process and timing for the review of their application by the State.

Leadership Review & Contracting

For applicants submitted by the full Committee for consideration by Leadership, the Governor's office will contact the company and request full due diligence documentation - which must be reviewed and approved by the diligence team - before the company's application will be submitted to the State Leadership for final approval.

Once submitted to Leadership (the Governor, Lt. Governor and Speaker of the House), the Leadership has 90 days to reach a unanimous decision to approve the application for funding.  If the Leadership does not unanimously approve the award within 90 days, the application will be denied.

Upon approval by Leadership, the Governor's office will work with the applicant to execute contracts with the State and issue the first payment tranche.

The RCIC will contact the company and make arrangements with the Governor's office for when the award will be announced.  Until the award is publicly announced, applicants are not allowed to publicly disclose they have received a Commercialization Award from the TETF program.

The Gulf Coast RCIC and their partners are committed to providing assistance to companies receiving TETF Commercialization Awards in the 23-county Gulf Coast region.

RCIC and TETF Conflict of Interest Policy

The Gulf Coast RCIC's application review process provides an opportunity for applicants and volunteer reviewers to identify potential conflicts-of-interest, before volunteer reviewers begin their review of any applications in that funding round.  The RCIC relies on input from applicants and volunteer reviewers to address potential conflicts-of-interest, and will take appropriate steps, based on the nature of the identified potential conflicts.

If an applicant is not satisfied with the RCIC's handling of a potential conflict of interest, the applicant may submit a new application to any other RCIC, when that RCIC is accepting applications (which will likely be a later funding round).

If an applicant and the RCIC are unable to remedy a perceived conflict of interest at the RCIC level, the applicant and the RCIC may notify the TETF program in the Office of the Governor and request the TETF Advisory Committee to review the issue.

Potential conflicts-of-interest at the TETF Advisory Committee level will be dealt with in accordance with the TETF Advisory Committee Ethics Policy.

If you have any questions about the Gulf Coast RCIC Application Process, click here to send an e-mail to the Gulf Coast RCIC for assistance.



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