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Gulf Coast region TETF awardees
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TETF Conflict of Interest Policy

In the case of a perceived conflict of interest between an applicant and any Regional Center for Innovation and Commercialization (RCIC), the applicant may choose to reapply to any other RCIC during any open round of application by the RCIC.  The applicant should make, but is not required to make, TETF staff and their chosen RCIC award of the perceived conflict.

If an applicant and the RCIC feel that they have been unable to remedy a perceived conflict of interest at the RCIC level, the applicant and RCIC may make the Texas Emerging Technology Fund Advisory Committee aware of this conflict through the TETF Office of the Governor staff.

As per legislation, the TETF Advisory Committee may choose to review such an application at the discretion of the TETF Advisory Committee.

Conflicts of interest raised at the TETF Advisory Committee level will be dealt with in accordance with the TETF Advisory Committee Ethics Policy.



Gulf Coast Awardees - Alafair Biosciences - Animal Innovations - Apaxis Medical(SEMMT) - AuricX Pharmaceuticals - Bellicum Pharmaceuticals - BetaBatt - Blue Box Health - Castle Biosciences - CNAP/CNI - CorInnova - Cormedics - DNAtriX - Endothelix - Ensysce Biosciences - Halsa Pharmaceuticals - itRobotics - Laser Tissue Welding - LaserGen - Leonardo Biosystems - Lynntech - Molecular LogiX - Nano3D Biosciences - NanoComposites - Nanospectra Biosciences - Noninvasix - Oncolix - OrthoAccel - PLx Pharma - Procyrion - Pulmotect - Qcue - RadioMedix - Rebellion Photonics - Salient Pharmaceuticals - ScanTech Sciences - SeprOx - Shape Memory Therapeutics - Smart Imaging Technologies - StarVision - Sunrise Ridge Algae - Terrabon - Thrombovision - Vapogenix - Veros Systems - Visualase


The Texas Emerging Technology Fund provides Commercialization Awards (equity investments) to help early stage companies commercialize emerging technologies - in Texas.

The Gulf Coast Regional Center of Innovation and Commercialization (Gulf Coast RCIC) serves the 23-county Gulf Coast region in southeast Texas surrounding Houston.  For a list of resources available in the region - click here.

The Houston Technology Center (HTC) is the Gulf Coast RCIC, partnering with the Greater Houston Partnership (GHP) and universities throughout the 23-county region.

In addition to southeast Texas (including the greater Houston area), the Gulf Coast RCIC is also responsible for providing assistance to organizations in the North Texas region (including the greater Dallas/Forth Worth area).

Through funding from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund and matching donations from area sponsors, the HTC and Gulf Coast RCIC have established an office (HTC's JSC Campus) at the NASA/Johnson Space Center (JSC) to provide assistance from the HTC and TETF program to the JSC and organizations statewide interested in collaborating with the JSC. 

The TETF program has three types of awards - Commercialization, Research Grant Matching and Research Superiority.

  • The Gulf Coast RCIC is responsible for accepting applications for Commercialization Awards from businesses located in the Gulf Coast region, and provides post-award support to area ETF awardees. Awards are equity investments typically ranging from $250K to $2.5M.

    Gulf Coast RCIC accepts applications, reviews each application and selects applications for submission to the TETF Advisory Committee, appointed by the Governor, Lt. Governor and Texas Speaker of the House.

    During the application review process, applicants receive advice and assistance from the Gulf Coast RCIC staff and volunteers serving on the RCIC's Review Committees and Board.

    Companies interested in applying for a Commercialization Award should click on "Apply for Funding" and register as an Applicant.

  • Research Matching and Research Superiority awards are handled directly by the Governor's office (click here for more information).  While the Gulf Coast RCIC does not process applications for these awards, the RCIC will provide assistance to applicants in preparing their applications, and will continue to provide assistance during the application process.

On May 16, 2014, the Gulf Coast RCIC announced a new Commercialization Award of up to $2,000,000 to Alafair Biosciences.

TETF awards have been announced to forty-five Gulf Coast region companies, eligible to receive up to $56,679,520.  Gulf Coast region awardees are able to take advantage of one year of Client Services from the Houston Technology Center.  For more information on Gulf Coast region TETF Awardees, click here

Technology Collaboration Center of Houston

In January, 2015, the Technology Collaboration Center of Houston was launched with the support of the Gulf Coast RCIC, Houston Technology Center, NASA Johnson Space Center and industry and research institution partners.  The TCC has been formed to help encourage new partnerships for joint technology development.  The TCC will host a series of 4 TCC Connect events in 2015.  For more information, click here.


Knowledge Management Technologies TCC Event:
   June 9, 2015, at the NASA Johnson Space Center



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